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I chose Rahz as my child’s coach based on a strong referral from another coach and the compelling content on his social media. After our discovery call, I was deeply impressed by his ability to speak his truth and empower young individuals authentically. My children’s increased confidence and ability to express themselves have been remarkable outcomes of Rahz’s coaching. His unwavering patience and genuine passion for what he does make him an invaluable asset to our child’s growth and development.

Katie Miller
North Dakota

Every parent wants the best for their child, and sometimes, they need a mentor and coach beyond what we can provide. Rahz has been a true blessing in my son's life, guiding him towards success and happiness. If you're still deciding about this coaching program, remember that your child deserves the support and guidance Rahz offers. It's a decision you won't regret, knowing your child is on a path to succeed and be confidently happy in all aspects of life. Trust me, it's invaluable.

Manny Goldman
Roslyn NY

I recently stumbled upon (a God Wink for sure) Rahz Slaughter, and I can’t overstate how much his approach resonates with the exact struggles I have been having with my teens. I immediately watched many videos and was fortunate to meet him in person. He is helping my family.

April Milner