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As a teacher and mentor for the Boys and Girls Club of St. Lucie County, it was an honor to work side with Mr. Rahz Slaughter. Our mission at the clubhouse is to prepare students to become self-sufficient and successful as they journey through the many stages of childhood and adolescence. Mr. Rahz contributed to students by helping them cope with and work through personal situations that cause behavior or emotional changes. Learning each child became a goal for him. He became familiar and acquainted with every member and could quickly identify members who may have needed an intervention. I watched Mr. Rahz create a positive and motivational environment that inspired our youth. He believes every child can and will succeed if they maintain healthy relationships and have an active support team behind them. For a lot of our members, Mr. Rahz contributed to their team. Thank you for your contribution,

Mrs. Forrester
CSC Teacher/Mentor
Boys & Girls Club St. Lucie County

Rahz Slaughter is not just an incredible speaker and coach; he is a force of inspiration that leaves an indelible mark on everyone he encounters. His story and wisdom resonate profoundly, and his impact on people is nothing short of transformative. Rahz is an extraordinary individual whose words and presence have the power to inspire, uplift, and catalyze positive change. In a world hungry for authentic voices and genuine inspiration, Rahz Slaughter is a beacon of hope and motivation. If you have the chance to hear him speak, don't hesitate—the experience will enrich your life.

Mario Calderon
TV Host, Event Emcee, Entrepreneur

About five years ago, I met Rahz. I knew instantly that meeting Coach Rahz would change my life. Enthusiasm was oozing from every fiber of his being. I have never felt so positive and determined in my life. Coach Rahz coached me, and I successfully reached my goals. Even to this day, Coach impacts my life. He always knows when to reach out, check-in, and offer encouragement. I feel blessed to have a Coach in my life!

Lorraine Hellen-Avazis
5th Grade Teacher
Syosset Central School District


  • How to manage the ups and downs of a teenager’s mood swings without having to drink a bottle of wine.
  • The Sneaky little trick to that will help you build a deeper and more connected relationship with any moody teenager.
  • How to nurture communication with your teens so they listen when you speak.
  • How to uncover what your child is thinking without having to feel like you are pulling teeth.
  • 3 Simple things you can start doing to inspire and motivate your children to become confident and happy.
  • The number one strategy is getting teens to do their schoolwork, clean their rooms, and make responsible decisions moms expect them to.

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